Package 1

Design Only

From $5,00000

For a minimal investment, you can take advantage of 20+ years of experience in designing the optimal size, layout, and materials for indoor growing and cultivation.

What gets planned gets done. With our in-house architects, Greenrooms’ design package will maximize your growing potential and get you on the right path to achieve your goals.From a single room, to a 100,000 sq.ft facility, we have the capability to take your space from schematic design all the way to full blown construction documents. If you don’t already have a builder, consider using Greenrooms as your builder with Package 2


Package 2

Design + Construction

From $95,00000

Package 2 is a design-build service to get your rooms designed, built and ready to set up.

First, our in-house architects will design rooms of optimal dimension for your space, from a single room to 100,000 ft+.Then we will construct the rooms and rough-in MEP(mechanical, electrical, plumbing).If you don’t already have suppliers for the equipment and installation of MEP systems, consider our flagship Turnkey Package 3


Package 3

Design + Construction + TurnKey

From $135,00000

Our flagship service. You bring the building and state your goals—we will bring it to life.

Package 3 expands upon Package 2 by adding full MEP(mechanical, electrical, plumbing)trim out, security and monitoring, environmental controls, fire suppression, operational equipment, and more. This package also includes consulting time to get you set up, plus access to the suppliers of industry’s most sought after IP. Welcome to the family!

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